Customer Testimonials

Feedback about the Devarim Tallit

The baby naming was great. Everyone loved her tallit.
The best part of wrapping her in her tallit was that I got to carry her up to the bima in it. For my alyiah, her tallit touched the torah. I love knowing that this is my first gift to her and that it is one that will be a part of every momentous Jewish occasion of her life. I think that on her wedding day when she wears it under the huppa, it will be incredible to be able to look back at her wearing it at her baby naming and her Bat Mitzvah.
Thank you for creating such a wonderful gift for my daughter.

Shavuah tov,

 Feedback about the Ki Tavo Tallit


WE LOVE IT!!!! Thank You so much! When you start to plan you trip to the U.S. in 2008, please let us know as my synagogue would like to host an event for you to show your beautiful creations. Thank You again!


 Feedback about the Lech Lecha Tallit in custom colors

Hi Marilyn,
Shana Tovah.
Thanks so much for all the love and care that went into creating the tallit. I love it! My wife loves it too. It is much nicer than the pictures, and we are very happy we went with the custom colors.
That's to say that it arrived safe and sound and in time for the our knot tying ceremony on Tuesday.
Thanks so much,
I'm sure people will ask me about it and I'm sure to pass on your name.
You're wonderful.
Have a tremendous year.


Hi! I have been meaning to write to tell you that Allison's Tallit is beautiful and fits perfectly! Thanks!!!

Laurie Mintz 

 Feedback about the Chayei Sara Tallit

Dear Marilyn-
The tallit arrived today and we couldn't be more pleased! It is beautiful-a true work of art and just like it appears on the web-site picture. Alex practiced with the Cantor this evening (for the second to last time before this coming weekend), and, true to her style, she didn't want to use it just yet-preferring, instead, to wait for "her day" to introduce it for the first time. Our Cantor was most intrigued by our description of the tallit and asked where we had ordered it from. We are going to give her your information for future reference.
Thanks, again, for your prompt and personal (and middle of the night!), attention on this-we appreciate it so much. Alex will most certainly have a wonderful memory of her special day every time she goes to shul for the rest of her life!

Bob and Wynne Silverstein


Feedback about a Tallit Restoration

Dear Marilyn, Just a quick note to tell you that I picked up the package and think that your workmanship and all over good taste are marvellous. My daughter said: " Kathleen ( Max's mother) will love it and Michael will be very moved and become totally sentimental" As for Max, I know that he will be just thrilled by the elegance of it all. Many, many thanks for everything. I will get back to you again with regard to restoration ideas.

Best regards Lilo Markrich. 



Feedback about the Tzav Tallit

Thank you very much for fulfilling our recent order so promptly.
Everything arrived safely two days ago and in excellent condition. We are very pleased. Our daughter will certainly have a special gift that she will enjoy for her entire lifetime. Shalom!


Larry Mason


Feedback about the Priestess Tallit

Just received our tallis ("Priestess") and it's beautiful! I wanted to know how much I appreciate your work and how quickly it arrived.
I'll be sure to recommend you to friends and the synagogue board. Once again, thank you.


Feedback about the Mediterranean Blue Tallit

Dear Marilyn
I received my Meditteranean blue tallit set yesterday, and I just wanted to tell you that I love it. It is so beautiful. I'm having a bat mitzvah this Friday May 31st, with 6 other women at a Reform congregation in Los Angeles, and it means so much to me to have such a lovely tallit to make the service that much more special.

Thank you for sending it so promptly. You and all of Israel are in our prayers. Shalom.


Feedback about a Custom Tallit


The tallit arrived today and it is gorgeous!! Sarah absolutely loves it. She loves the flowers, she loves the colors, she loves everything you did and I thank you so much. Even the bag is beautiful.
Thank you for making something so special that my daughter will treasure for a lifetime. I wish you all the best.


Feedback about the Miriam Tallit and Ruth Tallit

Dear Marilyn, The tallitot came and they are GORGEOUS! Thanks so much for all your hard work. Sara

My daughter's prayer shawl arrived today. Big smiles all around. Thank you very much for all the time and care spent in creating this beautiful treasured shawl.

Best regards,
Lauren Gibbs


Dear Marilyn,
We received the Tallit yesterday. It is beautiful. The pictures over the internet did not do it justice. Thank you very much. Allie is very excited to be wearing it on her Bat Mitzvah.
We may have to send you a picture of her wearing your beautiful work.


Dear Marilyn,
The tallis arrived this past Shabbat. I wish I could describe my daughter's sheer joy as she wrapped herself in the tallis. These words are inadequate. Her only comment, "The web site does not do this tallis justice. It is even more beautiful than the picture".
You have made one young lady extremely happy. Thank you again for working with us and making sure the tallis was perfect. I will gladly give your address out as people ask Rachel where she got her tallis, for I am sure she will be asked next week at her Bat Mitzvah. It is truly beautiful. Thanks again.

Fondly, Rita Schonwetter

I just received the tallit for my daughter's bat mitzvah, and it is perfection! The colors are so very vivid--more than I had visualized. Thank you so very much for getting it to us in plenty of time.

Feedback about the Matriarchal Generations Tallit

We went to the Post Office today and picked up Molly's tallit! It is gorgeous! Molly was thrilled and loves it! It is the perfect size; the colors are magnificent, and the fact that it is the Matriarchal Generations design with Rachel (Molly's middle name and he Great Aunt's first name) makes it the perfect tallit for her special day. Molly intends to weave your name into the speech that she will give! Thank you so much. I am so happy that we found each other and you were the creator of this special gift to our daughter.
Thanks, again, Marilyn...the tallit is beautiful.

fondly, Nancy.


Feedback about a Custom Tallit

Dear Marilyn,

I got my tallit about twenty minutes ago. I absolutely love it! I had to respond as soon as possible. Thank you very, very, much. I can't wait to wear it at my Bat Mitzvah and for the rest of my life.



 Feedback about the Vintage Wine Tallit

Wow, the tallis is stunning, and looks incredible on our are a gifted artisan. Please know that you have brought holiness into our family! 
Bruce & Nancy.


Dear Marilyn,

The beautiful tallit just arrived. I happened to be at home in the middle of the day, so I was able to open it and try it on immediately. It is gorgeous, and fits me perfectly. My husband agrees wholeheartedly! Thank
you, thank you.

I will take it and show it off to my Bat Mitzvah partners at our rehearsal tomorrow night.

All the best,



Marilyn -

Just wanted to let you know that we received the tallit today. It is
gorgeous!! We're absolutely thrilled and cannot wait to give it to our daughter. Thank you again for your help.

Nancy and David

Feedback about Custom Tallitot

Dear Marilyn,
The talitot arrived yesterday. They are both exquisite, just as we
anticipated. Rachel opened them while I was at work and I could tell from the excitement in her voice how much she loves her talit! I was just as excited when I got home to see them. Thank you for getting these out even earlier than promised. There are so many things to remember in planning the Bat Mitzvah that it is nice to have this important one ready to go!

Thank you.

Lisa Eidman
Santa Rosa, California


I recieved the tallit - it is beautiful! You do wonderful work. Thank you so much for spending the time to help me decide on exactly what I wanted.
I'll be sure to mention you to my friends.
Thanks again.


Thanks so much for the quick delivery.
The Tallit is beautiful and my mother loves it.
Her Bat Mitzvah is in less than 2 weeks and I think this was a
very special gift.

Thanks again,

 Feedback about a Custom Tallit

Dear Ms. Jackler,

I just got the tallit, and I absolutely love it! I just want to
thank you for giving me the opportunity to receive another tallit, so I don't have to worry about more gold coming off from my original. I really appreciate it. Again thank you so much for the exquisite tallit, I plan on keeping good care of it while, using it as much as possible.

- Sincerely,
Hannah Tillinger

Feedback about a Custom Tallit

Dear Marilyn,
We received the tallit today... it is even more beautiful than the pictures could even begin to show. You were right about the blue tzizit. They tie everything in nicely. Thank you so much.
Caroline and Arnold