Origins Tallit

Origins Tallit

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Pictured on the broad bands of this tallit are key scenes from the lives of Abraham and Sarah, Itzhak and Rebecca, Jacab and Esau.

On one band, Abraham and Sarah are hosting their weary visiters who can be seen resting under a near-by tree. These characters are taken from lithographs of Dore.

One the other band, Jacob is knealing to receive his father, Itzhak's, blessing, as Rebecca looks on. Esau, Jacob's twin brother, at the very same moment, is returning from the hunt with game he has caught to prepare a meal for his father as a prelude to receiving the blessing himself. The characters of Itzhak and Rebecca come from a Rembrandt drawing, and Esau, from a tepestry study by Simon Vouet.

On the neckband of the tallit is the hand written traditional blessing, in gold crowned lettering on a purple background. The set is displayed with feminine kippah ($40) and matching tallit bag. It is also possible to order with a reglular matching silk kippah ($14) which is not displayed.

Material: Cream Wool Blend

 Size: Medium 22" x 72"

 Threads: White (Handspun)

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