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Miriam Tallit

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Miriam Tallit Tallit Band I
  Tallit Band I
  Tallit Band II
Miriam Tallit   Tallit Band II

Band I Scene I
Miriam watches from the distance as Pharoah's daughter and her handmaidens find her bother, Moses, in the bulrushes of the Nile.

Translation of Hebrew (Exodus 2, 4): "And his sister stood afar off…"

Band I Scene II
Miriam, Moses and Aaron lead the Israelites as they flee from the Egyptians.

Translation of Hebrew: "And all stand still, until Miriam leads the way."

Tallit Band II
Miriam leads the tambourine dancers as they celebrate crossing the Red Sea.

Translation of Hebrew (Exodus 15, 20): "And Miriam …took a timbrel in her hand; and all the women went out after her with timbrels and with dances."

The traditional blessing on the neckband is in crowned Hebrew lettering.

A matching tallit bag, teffilin bag and kippah are also available. The tallit bag is made of cream wool blend and has a strip of painted silk running horizontally.
The tallit tzitziot (threads) are handspun.
The tallit and all items are handmade.


Customize Your Tallit

Tallit $490.00
Tallit Bag $50.00
Kippah $19.00
Blue Threads $50.00

Customizable tallit options:

Small 18” x 60”, 45 x 150 cm.
Medium 22” x 72”, 55 x 180 cm.
Large 30” x 80”, 75 x 200 cm.

White - Standard white threads for the tzitziot.
Blue - Each tzitzit has three white threads and one authentic blue thread.

Basic Shipping Information:
Air Mail: about 2 weeks, Free;
Expedited Air Mail: 3-5 days, $15.00;

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