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Ki Tavo Tallit
Ki Tavo Tallit

Tallit Band I
Tallit Band I

Tallit Band II
Tallit Band II

Ki Tavo Tallit

The parasha deals with how the Israelites are to enter the land with Joshua as their leader. They are to bring the first fruits. At Mount Ebal, they are to erect stones on which the law is to be written, and build an alter.
Translation of Hebrew on Neckband: (Deuteronomy 26, 15)
"Look down from Your holy habitation in heaven, and bless Your people Israel."

Tallit Band I
The first fruits are being brought.

Tallit Band II
The Israelites are setting up the prescribed stones and alter at Mount Ebal.

Translation of Hebrew (Deuteronomy chapter 27, verse 4-5):
"When you cross the Jordan, you shall set up the stones…on Mount Ebal...there you shall then build an altar"

The background material of this tallit is a beautiful cream wool blend. The neckband features the traditional blessing in crowned Hebrew lettering outlined in gold.

A matching tallit bag, teffilin bag and kippah are also available. The tallit bag is made of cream wool blend and has a strip of painted silk running horizontally.
The tallit tzitziot (threads) are handspun.

The tallit and all items are handmade.

Customize Your Tallit

Tallit $490.00
Tallit Bag $50.00
Kippah $19.00
Blue Threads $50.00



Customizable tallit options:

Cream Wool - a cream colored wool blend.
White Polyester - a light weight white crease resistant polyester.

Small 18” x 60”, 45 x 150 cm.
Medium 22” x 72”, 55 x 180 cm.
Large 30” x 80”, 75 x 200 cm.

White - Standard white threads for the tzitziot.
Blue - Each tzitzit has three white threads and one authentic blue thread.

Basic Shipping Information:
Air Mail: about 2 weeks, Free;
Expedited Air Mail: 3-5 days, $15.00;

Complete Shipping Information

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