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About the Artist

Marilyn Jackler, born in Berkeley, California, received a Masters Degree from the University of California, Berkeley.
She came to Israel in 1975 where she met her husband who plays French horn in the Haifa Symphony Orchestra. They have two boys in their twenties.
Marilyn has always been involved in art: theatre, sculpture, applique, pottery, stained glass, silk painting, and mosaic work. In 1990 she gave her first exhibition of textile works in Netanya, Israel.

About Israelcraft

Israelcraft is an artist. It is a family. It is a tradition. It is a bridge to bring you closer to your roots and to Israel. It is individualized, original art available to you quickly and easily, saving you time and frustration. And you may rest assured that each Israelcraft tallit is designed according to Halachic requirements.

Our satisfied customers span the religious spectrum. They cover the globe and all have one thing in common: taste for beauty and for art.

We aired israelcraft.com in 1999 after years of creating original artwork, including prayer shawls.
Daniel Jackler, oldest son and graphic designer, works as partner and webmaster to Israelcraft.


The Art of Silk Painting

Silk acts as a unique backdrop for color, imitating natural forms, and bringing pleasure to the eye due to the earthlike, rhythmic, soothing quality the silk brings to the painting. The silk is stretched on a frame; the gold outlines are drawn with resists which stop the paint flow, and the painting is done with brushes and sponges. When the work is finished it is removed from the screen and steamed to fix the paints.
In silk painting, one works gradually from one side of the frame to the other, always painting a bit more, and at the same time re-covering the border of what was painted just before.
The original quality of the silk work on Israelcraft is due to this necessary layering of color, along with the use of many shades of color, and many different colors, applied one color after the other with the addition of water. It developed as a result of working with primary colored silk paints.


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